Oak - I'm (not) dying

Artist: Oak
Album: Demo 2010
Song: I'm (not) dying
Year: 2010
Genre: ambient post-rock
Country: France

... - I'm dying, baby. Yeah... 

I'm... I'm sick as a dog. 
I'll be dead in six weeks. I'm dying. 
- What are you talking about? What happened? 
Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know. 
Well, what'd they say? What's the prognosis?! 
- Take it easy, Ethel. Now, hold... 
Hold on, baby, hold on... Hold on, okay? 
Ethel, hold on... 
- Where's the doctor?! 
- Don't... Well, just... Wait a second now. Wait a second. 
Okay, uh, listen, I'm not dying. 
But I need some time. A month or so, okay? 
I want... I want us to, to... 
- What's wrong with you?! 
- Damn! Ethel... 
- Are you crazy?! 
- Ethel, baby! I am dying.

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